The holidays were an especially sweet time here at the Literacy Council this year! We kicked off the season with our festive, annual Tutor Appreciation dinner. This is a night of great food, fun, and a boisterous White Elephant gift exchange where we celebrate the backbone of our program: our hard-working tutors. We are so very thankful for our tutors and all they do for us, for their students, and for their community! 

  Our yearly student party is another gathering that we look forward to all year. Students and tutors alike are encouraged to bring their favorite dishes and desserts which are laid out potluck-style. This is a chance to celebrate not only the holidays but each other and our different cultures. Students take turns showing off their English skills they have been working so hard on through selected readings and a raucous game of Christmas bingo. Here are just a few snapshots of our 2019 Student Party:

What a sweet year 2019 has been and we cherish all these special holiday memories as we look forward into this new year!

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