A look back at the journey. . .

With summer now long gone, we look back at all that the Literacy Council of SWPA accomplished. . .and all the amazing help and support we have had from our friends! Our first stop this summer in curating our Baby Book Bags was Range Resources with Christina Kramer and her team. In addition to sponsoring our program, the Range team helped stuff the first batch of bags.

Next, our bevy of bags went to another generous sponsor, EQT. Despite the depths of July heat, Leslie Woods and her team graciously helped us haul our bins of Baby Book Bags and spent the day adding their own generously donated items.

Our bag’s last stop on this leg of the journey was the Washington Rotary Club. With an eye on child safety, the Rotarians happily contributed infant vehicle safety literature and stickers for car seats.

 Our sponsors went above and beyond this year to make the Baby Book Bag program a success. Their commitment to not only us but the very youngest in our community is praiseworthy. Thank you!!

  We would also like to take this opportunity to say thanks again to all of our Scholar’s Bowl sponsors and to all the fantastic participants that showed up. . .you all made the night a hit! Here are a few highlights:

    Thanks again to You Know It Entertainment for being our trivia gurus and to Diana Irey-Vaughan and Col. Robert Vaughan for your fantastic emcee skills! And to our winners. . . Third Place: Team Oxford Comma, $100 donation to the Washington Bar Association. Second Place: Team Friendly Readers: $300 donation to the Friends of Citizens Library. First Place: House of Tutor: $500 donation to the Literacy Council of SWPA.

We cannot have imagined a better outcome for our first Scholar’s Bowl Trivia event. From the food, to the emceeing, to the trivia, and the community action, we think it was a pretty incredible night. Thank you to all who had a hand in making this such a success! See you all at next year’s Scholar’s Bowl!