Mom On A Mission: Meet Blanca

                  In our day-to-day lives as Americans, we seldom think about the many benefits and privileges that citizenship and native English skills afford us, but for Blanca these are foremost in her mind.
               When her husband’s job required a move to the U.S., Blanca began strategizing and planning. She worried about helping her two little girls navigate a new culture and wanted to make sure they were prepared for school. Fortunately, Southwestern Pennsylvania boasts a thriving Hispanic community where a friend invited Blanca to attend classes with the Literacy Council to learn English-FREE!
               For almost three years, Blanca has committed herself to mastering English. Three days a week, she travels from home to study for 3 hours per session with four different teachers. With the help of our expert volunteers at the Literacy Council, Blanca can now read, write, and converse in English. Having these language skills builds her confidence and helps her establish herself as an active and contributing part of the community. Most important, it aids her in reaching her ultimate goal–passing the exam to become an American citizen.
              Not only has Blanca learned English, so have her two young daughters. Naydeline and Jade both benefit from English immersion through our Children’s Program. Now attending kindergarten, Naydeline’s learning has skyrocketed, speaking in full sentence conversations and even helping mom practice. Jade also displays an aptitude for English–she will joyfully shout the names of different colors and animals if you but point and ask. Blanca’s wish for her children is coming true before our eyes!
             To look into Blanca and her daughters’ faces is to see the reason why the Literacy Council exists. It is our mission to help people like Blanca, giving them the tools to change their lives by learning English. Just this year so far we have helped more than 100 people to improve their English skills. Most are like Blanca, industrious family women and men seeking to contribute to their communities and our country through hard work
             This vital work is possible only through the generous donations of people like you. Won’t you partner with us to make dreams like Blanca’s come true? Because we are funded privately, even the smallest gift makes an enormous difference. Thank you so much for your time and support!